Series Circuit Rules and Ohm's Law

This free online course provides the foundations needed to understand series circuits and Ohm's Law.

Publisher: Steven Liguori
This free online course covers the basics of Ohm's Law, series circuit rules and the math calculations for automotive series electrical circuits. We will discuss series circuit rules in detail. Your diagnostic thought process will allow you to narrow down electrical faults more quickly by the end of this course. We present this course so that even those most fearful of electrical courses will be able to master these principles.
Series Circuit Rules and Ohm's Law
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Ohm's Law expresses the relationship between current, voltage and resistance in an electrical or electronic circuit. Knowing any two values, such as voltage and current, voltage and resistance, or current and resistance, will allow you to calculate the third value mathematically. Understanding the math behind these relationships can help you improve your diagnostic thought process and will enable you to narrow down electrical faults more quickly. Series circuits are helpful for when you want components to share the source voltage or when lower than the source or battery voltage is desired. Parallel circuits are used when we want each device to receive the full source voltage. Series parallel circuits are used when a combination of the series and parallel traits are needed. This course will focus on the first of the three types of circuits, the series circuit.

We will start the course by studying some keywords and terms to get you up to speed on the language and terminology of electrical circuits. We will then explore Ohm's Law in a graspable manner to allow for quick and easy progress through the Ohm's law practice example lessons. The course also focuses substantially on illustrating and explaining the series circuit rules. This will prepare you for the series circuit math calculations and exercises that follow. We will explain how to determine the order of the math calculations so that you won't have to do any further guesswork. Numerous practice examples are provided and reviewed. The course also offers a few recorded live demo lessons to demonstrate series circuits, using real components to help solidify your understanding. Understanding Ohm's law math is useful to help students discern incorrect voltage measurements and generally become better at electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting.

We have geared this course toward automotive students, beginner electronics students, and DIY-ers looking for a solid foundation in series circuits and Ohm's Law. We will walk you through the thought process, steps and reasoning behind them. Join me, Steve Liguori, in this course and start your journey toward a satisfying grasp of the three types of circuits used in basic automotive and electronics. Once you finish the series course, look for my parallel circuits and series-parallel circuits courses to complete your journey. Let's get started!

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