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Microsoft Word 2010

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  • Microsoft Word is one of the world’s most popular software applications. Although first released decades ago, the number of feature sets, ease of use, and the overall power of this productivity tool has continued to increase. This free online course will assist Microsoft Word users to make the switch from earlier versions of Word to the more advanced 2010 version. Word 2010 allows for more customization of the work space and creates an easier work flow when creating more complex documents. This course will introduce all the new aspects of Word 2010 including the new Backstage view, the Navigation Pane, the customizable Ribbon, formatting text and images together, live collaboration, saving your document to the cloud, and much more. This course will be of great interest to all Microsoft Word users who wish to increase productivity and enhance their document presentation without increasing their work load. For those who happily use older versions of Microsoft Word, particularly 2003 and 2007 versions, the new feature sets of Microsoft Word 2010 will be a revelation. You will get an excellent return of your time and energy by spending time updating your word processing skills via this free online course. For those of you who have completed ABC IT, our comprehensive introductory computer course, the MS 2010 Word course is the perfect next step.

  • Learning Outcomes:
    - Familiarity with the new layout and interfaces of Word 2010;
    - Knowledge of the new formatting features in Word 2010;
    - Ability to complete basic functions of Word 2010;
    - Use the Navigation Pane to manage headings and find objects and text;
    - Create visually effective content without using other software;
    - Manage Header and Footer content and update page numbers and dates;
    - Insert complete Table of Contents for large documents;
    - Create easily assessable documents for e-reader software;
    - Understand the shortcuts and useful features of Word 2010;
    - Comfortably use keyboard short cuts with Access Keys and Key Combos;

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Microsoft Word 2010
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  • 4-5 Hours

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  • 50 Pts

Modules List( 14 )
  • When you complete this course you can receive an ...
  • Module
    Making The Switch To Word 2010
    • This module introduces you to the new layout and interfaces in Word 2010.
    • Making the switch to Word 2010
    • Acquaint yourself with the ribbon
    • Reacquaint yourself with everyday tasks
    • Some tools appear on demand
    • Behind the scenes: File tab and Backstage view
    • Work between new and earlier versions of Word
  • Module 1: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    What's New in Word 2010
    • In this module you will see many of the new features and formatting enhancements of Word 2010.
    • Work in Word anywhere
    • Bring your best ideas to life
    • Document Navigation Pane
    • Work more easily
    • Customize The Ribbon
    • Work better together
    • CoAuthoring
  • Module 2: Resources View Resource
  • Module
    Creating Your First Word Document
    • This module outlines the basics functions of Word 2010, from creating a new document and formatting text to changing page margins and moving around your document.
    • Create and save a new document
    • Fix spelling and grammar as you type
    • Add formatting to your text
    • Change page margins
    • Save, print and close a new document
    • Moving around in a document
    • Use formatting marks
    • Move text around in the document
    • Change line spacing and alignment
  • Module
    Explore Your Document Using the Navigation Pane
    • In this module you will see the features of the new Navigation Pane such as headings management and learn how to find text and objects within the document.
    • Explore your document using the Navigation Pane
    • See what your document is made of
    • Locate, add to, and reorganize content
    • Find and replace text and other elements
  • Module
    Create Visually Compelling Documents
    • Visually effective documents stand out and in this module you learn about the new features which allow for greater image and photograph manipulation without leaving Word 2010.
    • Create visually compelling documents
    • Make your text stand out with special effects
    • Polish your pictures like a pro
    • Add a screenshot without using another program
    • SmartArt graphics: Turn ideas into illustrations
  • Microsoft Word 2010 - First Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Microsoft Word 2010 - First Assessment
  • Module
    Get Control of Page Numbers, Headers and Footers
    • This module guides you through organizing your document with Headers and Footers to allow for structures such as page numbers and time & date to be included and updated.
    • Get control of page numbers, headers, and footers
    • Open the header and footer space; find tools
    • Get more help from Word with style galleries
    • Get less help from Word by using Quick Parts
    • Insert page numbers; use “Page X of Y” format
    • Add the current date and time
    • Add the document filename and path
    • Insert an art logo into a header
    • Adjust header and footer position on the page
    • Use varying headers and footers
    • Remove page numbers, headers, and footers
  • Module 6: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    Create and Customize a Table of Contents
    • To allow readers of your document to find their way, this module outlines the various methods of creating and formatting a Table of Contents.
    • Managing a table of contents
    • Generate and update a TOC
    • Create and customize a table of contents
    • Mark other styles for use in a TOC
    • Use outline levels to mark text for a TOC
    • Control TOC content and formatting
    • Customize a TOC by changing styles
    • Remove a TOC
  • Module 7: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    Create Accessible Documents
    • In this module you will learn the techniques for creating documents which are more accessible to people with disabilities such as visual impairment.
    • Create accessible documents
    • Heading styles
    • Paragraph styles
    • Add alt text to images and tables
    • Structure tables for easy navigation
    • Tips and tricks
  • Module 8: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    Word 2010 Tips and Techniques
    • This module contains many shortcuts and useful features within Word 2010, like zooming in and out using you mouse.
    • Word 2010 tips and techniques
    • Open Word quickly
    • Use a template from Office.com
    • Convert a list into a table
    • Make a bulleted list more interesting
    • Crop a picture to shape
    • Zoom with your mouse
    • Put documents on SkyDrive
    • Find and replace text
    • Techniques for selecting things
    • Show or hide the Ribbon
    • Use the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Add a list with checkboxes
  • Module 9: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    Keyboard Shortcuts
    • In this module you will learn many of the keyboard short cuts in Word 2010, using both Access Keys and Key Combinations.
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Introduction
    • How to use access keys
    • Access keys in dialog boxes
    • F6: Another kind of access key
    • How to use key combinations
    • Key combos for working with files
    • Moving around a document
    • Key combos for working with text
    • Other handy shortcuts
  • Module 10: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    Microsoft Office 2010 Security
    • This module guides you through the various Security options available within Office 2010, including Protected View, Trusted Documents and Enabling Active Content.
    • Active Content
    • Enable Content
    • Trusted Documents
    • Protected View
  • Microsoft Word 2010 - Second Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Microsoft Word 2010 Second Assessment
  • Module
    Microsoft Word 2010 - Final Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Microsoft Word 2010 - Final Assessment
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