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Media Studies - Print and Publishing Media

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Media Studies - Print and Publishing Media
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  • Learn about the basic types of print media and discusses the pros and cons of each media type by studying the course Media Studies - Print and Publishing Media. The course also looks at the challenges facing each type of media, and the impact which the emergence of the internet has had upon them. 

    This course begins by developing an understanding of books. In particular you will look at the history of books, before examining their impact on culture. You will also look at the difference between different book formats, and publishing trends. Finally, you will look at the impact which technology has had upon books

    Next, you will be introduced to newspapers, and their development. In order to achieve this, you will look at their history, and journalistic styles which have been popular. You will also gain insight into the control which newspapers have over your access to information, and their impact upon popular culture. You will also examine popular trends and online journalism.

    Finally, you will examine the place which magazines hold within history. You will examine their impact on culture and access to information, while also learning about major publications. The information provided regarding the specialization of magazines and the impact of the internet will help you to better understand today’s magazine industry.

    This course will be of great interest to professionals working in the areas of media or culture, and would like to learn more about the field. It will also be of interest to learners would like to learn more about the print media and journalism.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to: - Identify the material and cultural origins of the book: - Indicate the influence of mechanical movable type on modern society: - Explain the evolution of contemporary copyright law and the publishing industry: - Indicate the effect of blockbuster syndrome on the publishing industry: - Determine the benefits and drawbacks of digital libraries: - Describe the historical roots of the modern newspaper industry: - Explain the effect of the penny press on modern journalism: - Describe the effect of objectivity on modern journalism: - Describe how television has impacted journalistic styles: - Describe the decline of the newspaper industry; - Describe the European roots of the modern magazine; - Identify the change in advertising that occurred in the early 1900s; - Describe the backlash against pulp magazines in the 1930s; - Explain the impact of advertisements on story; - Identify different types of specialized magazines; - Recognize ways that advertisers benefit from the specialization of magazines; - Describe how print magazines have adapted to an online market.

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