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Marketing Strategies for Service Management

Discover marketing strategies for positioning and pricing business services with this marketing strategies course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Service Marketing Strategies course from Alison will teach you the principles of effectively positioning a business service in the marketplace. Developing profitable goods and services requires specialist knowledge and skills which this course is specifically designed to cover. The course will also provide you with a better understanding of how to give a business a competitive advantage.
Marketing Strategies for Service Management
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    3-4 Hours
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This course will first introduce you to brand identity and positioning. You will learn effective marketing strategies that help position a business service within the market and create a reputable brand around the service. The course will discuss Internal Corporate Analysis, Competitor Analysis, and Positioning Maps including their usefulness in plotting a competitive strategy. You will study the meaning of a brand and look into Focus Strategies and Positioning Links. You will also learn about Market Segmentation and the three interrelated elements of distribution.

Next, the course will discuss strategy, strategic thinking, and strategic planning, including their core components. You will look into Situation Analysis and the internal and external factors involved in this analysis, and you will study the Five Forces Model and the Five Competitive Strategies. The course will also teach you how to achieve overall low-cost leadership, where to look for differentiation opportunities, and the steps for setting pricing policy. You will also study Fixed Cost and Variable Cost, the Three C's Model for Price Setting, and Pricing-Adjustment Strategies.

By the end of this free Marketing Strategies for Service Management online course, you will have a much stronger understanding of how to create a marketing and brand strategy that will serve your business and cater to your customer's needs. You will also have a strong grasp of the key features of a successful brand and know how you can apply them to your business services. These are powerful skills, so check out the course today and start gaining a competitive advantage in no time.

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