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JavaScript Lorem Ipsum Generator and Content Pagination

Create a Lorem Ipsum Generator and build Content Pagination using JavaScript with this free online programming course.

Publisher: Laurence Svekis ✔
Learn how to use JavaScript programming language to create a Lorem Ipsum Generator and build a dual-versioned Pagination project with this free online programming course. You will learn numerous JavaScript functions and methods including Math Random and Query Selector. You will also learn to work with arrays, strings, and API endpoint data. The course also covers; adding Event Listeners, setting up HTTP Servers, and conducting URL Fetch Requests.
JavaScript Lorem Ipsum Generator and Content Pagination
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This online course provides instructions on using JavaScript to create a Lorem Ipsum Generator application and to build out Pagination for loading API data. In the first module of this two-module course, you will learn how to create the Lorem Ipsum Generator. In the second module, you will learn how to build Pagination. First, an explanation of Lorem Ipsum is provided. And, the setup for creating the Generator is detailed. Several JavaScript functions and methods such as Event Listener, Math Random and Query Selector are employed throughout this course. You will learn to select page elements that are available within the DOM, add Event Listeners for user interaction and randomize content within an array using JavaScript. You will also learn to use string methods and manipulate string data, and the steps to capitalize strings. You will learn the instructions on how to build Regex through a reference website and use them within JavaScript.

Throughout this course, you will learn to work with arrays extensively, mainly using JavaScript. In the Lorem Ipsum Generator creation process, you will learn to convert data file contents into arrays and output them as sentences and paragraphs. And in the Pagination build, you will learn to output array API data on the page. In Content Pagination, you will first learn about the setup structure that is required to build it out. Then, you will learn how to make URL endpoint connections, conduct URL Fetch Requests, and launch HTTP servers locally. You will learn more than one server setup option that you can then choose from, should you decide to build your own. You will also learn how to create next and previous page buttons, and how to load and update API content by page number. Throughout this course, you will be learning how to work with various JavaScript elements such as Ternary Operators and Conditional Statements.

Explanations and step-by-step demos are provided for every code example that is included in this course. On-screen definitions referencing the Mozilla Developer Network website are given for crucial functions and methods as well. After successfully completing this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge that will enable you to create a functioning Lorem Ipsum Generator app that accepts user input for selecting the number of words and paragraphs. You will also have the ability to build dual-versioned Pagination, with the first containing functioning next and previous page buttons, and a ‘load more’ button that loads additional content to the bottom of existing content. This course is video-based. The source code from the videos is included as well and can be found in the course resources. The Course Assessment will challenge your understanding of the course material, further enhancing your learning experience. This course is also free. And the time factor has been taken into consideration as well since its maximum study duration is only three hours. So enroll now to gain valuable programming knowledge.

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