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CSS and JavaScript - Creating a Single Page Flexbox Website

Learn how to make an impressive one-page Website using CSS Flexbox and Java script in this exciting free online course.

Publisher: Laurence Svekis ✔
Learn how to design an effective, impressive, and responsive single-page website. This free online course is an excellent opportunity for you to make a stunning webpage. Learn with simple and effective tutorials how to use CSS, Flexbox, and JavaScript with HTML to layout, and style a dynamic single-page website. Master the commands, programs, and techniques of HTML, Flexbox, CSS, and JavaScript to build a responsive single-page website.
CSS and JavaScript - Creating a Single Page Flexbox Website
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Cascading Style Sheets, popular as CSS is a simple design language used to layout and style a webpage to make it more attractive and presentable. Flexbox is a layout module and one of the most important parts of CSS. It is applied to control the dimension, order, and placing of items in the container. Java script is a text-based programming language that helps make a website more interactive. Learn how to combine these three with HTML to design and create a responsive and impressive single-page website in this free course.

This course will help you master the commands, tricks, and techniques of Flexbox, CSS, and JavaScript for building a single-page website. All the fundamentals and concepts are divided into simple and effective lessons. You will learn how to create dynamic components and sections of the website. You will also be provided with some useful and valuable resources as downloadable files. By the end of the course, you will create a beautiful and responsive single-page website from scratch. 

This course is perfect for persons willing to create a professional and responsive single-page website. This course is also ideal for anybody trying to make out a career in web development. After understanding Flexbox properties, tools, and tricks rest of the work becomes a cakewalk. This course is also a chance for anybody who wants to clear their concepts and take their HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and JavaScript skills to the next level by doing a practice project. Enroll in this free course now and start an exciting journey in website design and development.

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