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Creating a Carousel and a Task List using JavaScript

Learn to create a dynamic Carousel image slider and a Task List using JavaScript in this free online course.

Publisher: Laurence Svekis ✔
In this free online course, you will learn to use JavaScript to create a dynamic Carousel Image Slider and Task List for a webpage. You will learn to add images to a slider, display information on an image, style, and add interactivity to a Carousel. You will also learn to create a fully functional Task List with the ability to add, delete and cross out items; as well as download, store, and retrieve the list from local storage.
Creating a Carousel and a Task List using JavaScript
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This free online course demonstrates and explains the process of creating a dynamic Carousel and Task List using JavaScript. It begins by demonstrating the process of setting up the development environment for creating the carousel, and how images could be sourced and added to the project. The course proceeds to show how to create required objects, apply styling with CSS, and add interactivity to the slider. This part of the course concludes with demonstrations of how to automate the slider, set slide conditions, and create dot indicators.

The second half of the course demonstrates the process of creating a dynamic Task List Using JavaScript and commences with setting up the development environment. This is followed by lessons on how to create buttons to be used to add items to the list, as well as an event listener, used to provide an error message. Task List styling, cross out and delete functionality, and download functionality are demonstrated next. The course wraps up with an explanation of how to locally store, and retrieve the Task List.

Carousel sliders and Task lists are present on a lot of websites, and learning to create dynamic ones for a website, is certainly worth adding to your web development repertoire. This short course covers everything you need to know to create them both using JavaScript. New and experienced developers would find this course useful, as well as anyone who would like to learn to create a carousel, or task list for their website. Start now and learn to create dynamic Carousels and Task Lists in under 3 hours.

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