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Introduction to Plumbing - Revised

Learn the valuable plumbing skills you need to succeed as a professional plumber with this free online course.

Publisher: USAID
Alison's free online Introduction to Plumbing course teaches the skills you need to kick off your plumbing career. Can you imagine living without access to a water supply and basic sanitation systems? Plumbers and professionals working in the plumbing industry make sure that our plumbing needs are always met. With this course, you will learn about the installation of pipes and plumbing fixtures, the maintenance of drainage, and more.
Introduction to Plumbing - Revised
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    1.5-3 Hours
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First, you will receive an overview of the modern plumbing profession. You will also study the history of plumbing and go through the advancements it has made through recent times. Next, you will learn the various terms associated with plumbing, the most important plumbing tools, and the typical skill set of a plumber. The course will also teach you the three main phases of a plumbing project, namely the underground rough-in phase, the above ground rough-in phase, and the finish phase.

Next, you will learn how to keep yourself safe on the job by studying plumbing safety and the terms associated with it. The course will then teach you the main personal protective equipment used by plumbers on a job site as well as the safety signs in the workplace. You will also learn the basic tool safety practices that plumbers should adopt. Finally, you will study the dangers and safety measures associated with working in trenches, confined spaces, and the underground.

Plumbers will always be in great demand as plumbing repairs and maintenance needs are inevitable. This free online plumbing course will therefore give you valuable knowledge to last a lifetime, whether you want to fix something around your own house of become a construction professional. So check out the course today, and in a few short hours gain a great skill and possibly kick off a new and profitable career.

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