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Introduction to Plumbing

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Introduction to Plumbing
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  • Access to water supply and basic sanitation systems is an essential human need. In order for our society to function efficiently and in a safe environment, it is important that these basic needs are met. Plumbers and professionals working in the plumbing industry help us to achieve this goal. A modern-day plumber's job is wide in scope: plumbers lay down pipes for the distribution of water and disposal of wastewater; design, repair, and maintain the drain, waste, and vent systems; install fixtures, and also work with gas pipelines.

    This course will introduce the learner to the plumbing profession. The course looks into the history of plumbing from the ancient to the modern times. It also highlights the importance of safety procedures in the profession. Under plumbing safety, the course covers personal protective equipment, hazard communication, and the safety guidelines that a plumber should follow when working in trenches and confined spaces.

    This course, the first in the series on plumbing, will be of great interest to construction professionals who want to learn what plumbing is and the skills that are needed to advance in this specialized field. It will also be of interest to all learners who want to enter this trade and need an understanding of the profession, its terminologies, and the associated health and safety facts.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Recognize the importance of plumbing as a profession; - Describe what is meant by plumbing; - List the typical skill set of a plumber; - Summarize the history of plumbing and the advancement made through the ages; - Explain the various terms associated with plumbing; - Identify the various personal protective equipment used by plumbers on a job site; - Distinguish between the many safety signs found in a workplace; - Outline the basic tool safety practices that plumbers should adopt; - Discuss the dangers and safety measures associated with working in trenches, confined spaces, and underground.

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