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Introduction to Optical Engineering

Sharpen your optical engineering skills and learn about optical design and optical systems with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
The field of Optical Engineering has been studied for centuries and this free online Introduction to Optical Engineering course provides a comprehensive guide on the components of optical design software known as optics software for layout and optimization (OSLO). What exactly is a Gaussian beam, interference and diffraction? Learn this and more with this free online engineering qualification.
Introduction to Optical Engineering
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The inner workings of optical design and systems is at the heart of this free online course where you will be introduced to the meaning and background of geometric optics, Gaussian beams and how light travels in a homogeneous medium. You will then learn why rays of light are so important in the design of optical systems.

This course content discusses the concepts of cartesian ovals and convex-concave as it relates to optical frames and all about a simulation tool referred to as the optics software for layout and optimization (OSLO), including its various versions. There is also a practical guide on how to use this OSLO software in optical engineering. If you have always wondered about the meaning of aperture stop as well as the optics that limit the cone of light travelling through the system, then you have come to the right place as you then improve your knowledge on how to calculate the aperture stop of a system using a very simple Gaussian lens formula along with what causes vignetting in a system. 

Learn the fundamentals of the vast field of science and optical engineering by registering for this free online course today.

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