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Diploma in Optical Engineering

Learn about the functions of a Gaussian beam in optical systems and ray-tracing techniques from this free course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on optical engineering provides a comprehensive guide on the functions of Gaussian beams in optical systems. Learn how to design lenses and mirrors to carry out different functions, how to calculate the distances for principal planes in optical systems, how to identify aberrations in a system, and the components of coherence as a condition of interference.
Diploma in Optical Engineering
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This free online course on optical engineering will begin by introducing you to the meaning and background of geometric optics, as well as Gaussian beams. You will learn about the importance of studying optics along with how light travels in a homogeneous medium. You will also study the simulation tool known as the optic software for layout and optimization (OSLO) in optical engineering.

This course will break down the different types of ray-tracing techniques for dealing with circular symmetric optical systems. You will learn about the meaning of ‘aberration’ along with its classification as well as the concept of ‘paraxial approximation’. You will then see how you can test your knowledge of spherical aberration using OSLO.

Finally, the material will introduce you to the phenomenon of interference, the application of the fibre Michelson interferometer to light travelling, as well as the function of the phase-shifting interferometer. It will teach you about the Python programming language along with MATLAB program styles for modelling optical elements. Begin this course now and improve your knowledge of crucial concepts in optical engineering today.

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