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Introduction to Graph Theory

Do you have a problem to solve? Learn to use a graph to find optimal solutions, with this free online maths course.

Publisher: William Fiset
This free online certificate course will introduce you to graph theory. The world is full of diverse problems, some of which are mathematical, scientific, business or even domestic in nature. The best way out of these problems is to get optimal solutions. This course has been designed to take you on a step-by-step journey into the world of graphs (using computer science) and to help you solve some everyday problems using graph theory.
Introduction to Graph Theory
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    4-5 Hours
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A graph is one simple way to visualise a problem, including the possible solutions. It can help you get the best solution to that problem staring at you in the face - with minimal effort! This course begins by introducing you to the meaning of graphs. How many types of graphs are there? What are the differences between them? The first module helps you answer these questions and sets the pace for this course. Going further, you will learn about ‘trees’, including isomorphic trees and lowest common ancestors (LCA). As you move on, you will learn about topological sorting, Dijkstra's Shortest Path and the Bellman-Ford and Floyd Warshall algorithms.

This course examines graphs from the viewpoint of computer science and will be reviewing a couple of network flow topics such as the Ford Fulkerson algorithm for max flow, bipartite matching and capacity scaling. This course is video-based and is not just for professionals who are already knowledgeable about coding. It simplifies graphs from the computer science perspective and presents graph theory in the simplest language possible. Sign up today and start learning.

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