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Diploma in Legal Studies - Revised 2017

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Diploma in Legal Studies - Revised 2017
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  • The legal system is an integral part of any society, built with the aim of protecting citizens. With this course Diploma in Legal Studies there is no need to struggle with legalese as it provides simple definitions and clear explanations. You will learn how the legal system works, from the different types of law to how laws are created.

    The course explains the adversary trial system, how legal procedures operate, and much more. You will gain an understanding of the legal profession with detailed explanations of the roles that are played by solicitors, barristers, judges, the jury, and magistrates. In addition the Diploma in Legal Studies offers resources and activities to understand how law is created in the UK, from common law to the law of negligence.

    This course will be of great interest to anyone studying law, as a resource for educators, or anyone who feels that they would like to have a better understanding of the legal system. 


  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

    • Describe the characteristics of effective laws.
    • Differentiate between civil and criminal law.
    • Discuss the methods used to change laws and the reasons for such changes.
    • Explain what role a judge has in making laws.
    • Describe the different aspects of law-making within the courts.
    • Describe the relationship between the various law-making bodies and learn of the adversary trial system, court hierarchy, the jury system, and civil and criminal procedures.

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