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Introduction to Carpentry

Enhance your carpentry skills and learn what it takes to become a responsible carpenter, with this free woodwork course.

Publisher: USAID
This free online Introduction to Carpentry course will teach you how to build beautiful structures that can last for centuries. Carpenters have one of the highest job satisfaction rates in the construction industry. The carpentry trade offers numerous career opportunities, from constructing forms to creating fine cabinetry. Learn everything about carpentry in a few short hours and enhance your skills or start a new career!
Introduction to Carpentry
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This course will first introduce you to carpentry and the different terms associated with it, such as finish carpentry and rough carpentry. You will learn about the career opportunities in the construction industry, study the basic skills of a modern-day carpenter, and get an understanding of employee and employer safety obligations in carpentry. You will then study the different building materials used by carpenters such as lumber, plywood, building boards, and engineered wood products. You will also learn how to calculate the correct quantities of required materials for different projects.

Next, you will study different fasteners such as nails, staples, screws, bolts, and anchors. The course will teach you the guidelines for drilling anchor holes in hardened concrete or masonry, as well as familiarize you with the uses of epoxy anchoring systems. You will look into the difference between glues, adhesives, and mastics as well as study the different hand and power tools used in the building and construction trades. You will also learn the essential safety guidelines for their use.

New carpentry techniques and safety obligations are constantly emerging. This makes it crucial for carpenters to keep learning about their trade at the beginning and all the way through their career or hobby. By the end of this course, you will have gained a strong overview of basic carpentry skills and requirements. This will help you kickstart your carpentry career, or just tackle some important carpentry activities around your house. So why wait? Check out the course today, gain a great new skill in just a few short hours!

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