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Carpentry - Introduction to Construction Methods

Learn how to construct walls, roof frames, and flooring systems with this free online construction carpentry course.

Publisher: USAID
Learn how to construct walls, roof frames, and flooring systems with this free online construction carpentry course. This free online construction carpentry methods course will teach you the carpentry skills required for the installation of flooring systems, wall frames, and roof frames. Carpentry is a highly skilled trade, always in-demand, and is essential for the construction of any structure. This free online course will teach you about the s
Carpentry - Introduction to Construction Methods
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This course will first discuss construction drawings, specifications, plans, and elevations, as well as the importance of organizing and scheduling projects and working with people from different trades. You will study the different types of architectural drawings, the methods of framing for structures made of wood, and the parts of a typical platform floor system such as sills, girders, joists, and trusses. The course will also discuss the step-by-step process of constructing a platform floor assembly.

Next, you will study the wall framing process. The course will discuss the components of a wall and the procedures for laying out, assembling, and erecting wood frame walls. You will learn how to cut and install ceiling joists and learn about the main types of steel studs used in framing walls. The course will then discuss the different types of roofs used in residential construction, as well as the types of roof framing systems. You will also study the procedure for installing roof sheathing.

Being a carpenter takes knowledge, skill, and talent. Aside from learning how to work with different construction materials, being able to read drawings, specifications, plans, and elevations is a necessity. By the end of this free Introduction to Construction Methods online course, you will have kickstarted your journey towards gaining a career in both residential and commercial construction. So why wait? Start your journey, today.

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