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Diploma in Carpentry Studies

Gain in-depth knowledge of the important procedures and practices in modern carpentry with this free carpentry course.

Publisher: USAID
This free online Diploma in Carpentry course will show you how carpentry has evolved to incorporate improved building materials and construction methods over the years. Having a sound knowledge of carpentry tools, materials, and building methods is highly required for the job. With the help of this course, you will learn everything about this age-old and skilled trade that will pave the way for you to become an in-demand professional.
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This course will first guide you through the job opportunities available for modern-day carpenters. It will then teach you about important building and fastening materials, including hand and power tools. You will learn how to read plans and elevations, study the construction of flooring and structural systems, and look into concrete forms and footings. The course will also discuss different concrete materials as well as teach you concrete mix proportions and measurements.

The windows and exterior doors are the final components that will complete and close off a structure. This course will teach you the terms associated with different types of windows and exterior doors including their installation process. You will also study the different terminologies with regards to stairs construction, as well as learn the types and classification of stairs including their components. You will study stair framing, as well as look into the design and layout of stairways and stairwells.

The duties of a carpenter vary significantly from one job to another. A carpenter who works for a commercial contractor may work primarily with concrete, steel, and preformed building materials, while one who does residential work is more likely to work with wood frame construction and wood finish materials. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of all of these types of work. This will prepare you for an exciting and profitable career.

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