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Introduction to Bing SEO

Learn how to perform search engine optimization (SEO) using Bing in this free online certificate course.

Publisher: Channel 9
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used by web designers to draw relevant traffic to websites by optimizing them to show up in search results. Bing is a search engine just like Google or Yahoo and this course explains how to optimize your website to make it easier to find when people use Bing to search for web content. We show you how search engines and SEO website tools work while we demonstrate the importance of keywords.
Introduction to Bing SEO
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This course explains how search engines break down and rank web pages and examines the factors that influence their perception of your site and its content. We begin by taking you through the basics of search engine optimization and defining the relevant SEO terms and factors. We establish the importance of keywords and explain how they can affect your website's ranking. We show you how to create a list of effective keywords to optimize your website's ranking, a valuable skill used in web design and development.

The course examines the influence of content on your website’s performance in searches. We show you how to organically incorporate keywords into your content while retaining its natural flow and rhythm. We compare SEO techniques that can improve your page’s performance to those that damage it. As a final lesson, we examine Bing’s ‘ad partners’ to help you monetize your site.

This web development course suits anyone who wishes to learn more about search engine optimization in order to improve their website’s results. SEO is an important element of web design and this course can help you take your career to the next level.

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