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Human Muscular System - Introduction

Learn about human muscles, muscle tissue and the muscular system with this free online course.

Publisher: MEDCoE
This free online course on the human muscular system teaches you all about muscle tissues and the types of muscles we have in our bodies. You will learn about skeletomuscular mechanics, the role of skeletal muscles and the effects that exercise - or the lack of it - can have on human muscles. You will also learn about the connection between muscles and the central nervous system.
Human Muscular System - Introduction
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Have you ever wondered how the muscles in the human body work? How a muscle respond to impulses from the nervous system and what effect exercise has on muscles? If so, this free online course is for you! You will learn about the human muscular system and the different types of muscles and muscle tissues found in our bodies. Then you will be learning about striated muscle tissues, skeletal muscles and their basic physiology.

Having learned about the physiology of the muscular system, you will then learn about skeletal muscular mechanics, where you will explore how these muscles work together to move the bones and joints all around human bodies. Next, you will learn about exercise and how, if we don't use our muscles, the striated muscle tissue can be lost and can result in atrophy. You will also be learning about how exercise can help increase muscle mass and how different type of exercises produce differing reactions in muscles.

Finally, the course moves on to explore how the nervous system controls the movement of skeletal muscle through neurons and pathways producing reflexes throughout the body. This online course on human anatomy and physiology is ideal for students studying biomedical science and medicine, and also individuals who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of the human body. Enroll in this online course today and start learning about muscle contraction, muscle movements, muscles in general as well as the muscular system.

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