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Hands-on Android Security

This free online course is a full guide to learning Android penetration testing and analyzing existing Android apps.

Publisher: CODERED
The practical aspects of Android penetration testing (pentesting or pen testing) are covered in this cybersecurity course. Start with the core concepts of the Android operating system, hardware security components and native applications. You will then learn to analyze existing Android applications, detect vulnerabilities and test your work to fully secure your Android environment.
Hands-on Android Security
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Enhancing the worldwide digital landscape with millions of applications and users, Android is a dominant mobile operating system. But with more users, devices and apps comes an increased chance of security threats and breaches. This free course on Android security focuses on the vital aspect of pentesting to detect vulnerabilities and solve any weaknesses within the system.

The material is solidly focused on the practical aspects of penetration testing or ‘ethical hacking’, as it is sometimes referred to. The course starts by grounding you in the core concepts of the Android operating systems as a whole, including its hardware security components and native applications. You will also learn how to analyze existing Android application, understand potential vulnerabilities or weak points, and test your work to ensure a totally secure environment to ward off unwanted cybersecurity attacks.  

Practically, you will master how install and set up Android emulators (software applications that allow you to imitate and use your mobile device natively on your PC) and see how they are used for debugging. Then, see how to ‘attack’ an Android platform to protect it, as well as how to generate .APK files to distribute apps on Android’s operating system. You will see how to use a pentesting framework to do this. Finally, the material discusses different techniques for dealing with and reversing malware. This is course is essential for developers of Android apps and those who are interested in improving mobile security.

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