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Fundamentals of Six Sigma (6σ) - Six Sigma White Belt

In this free online course learn the basics of Six Sigma White Belt and its implementation.

Publisher: Exoexcellence Consultants
This free online course on Six Sigma White Belt explains the basic principles of Six Sigma. You will also be introduced to the other Six Sigma Belts together with their roles in a project and the purpose of Six Sigma Champion and Six Sigma Executive. You will learn the different explanations, procedures, perspectives, techniques, methodologies, metrics, and philosophies of Six Sigma and the different approaches to its implementation.
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In this free online course Six Sigma White Belt, you will learn about the basic principles of Six Sigma and its comparison with Lean. You will learn how to combine Lean and Six Sigma to make it more beneficial for the organization. You will learn different definitions of Six Sigma together with its perspectives, techniques, methodologies and metrics. You will also learn different approaches to implementing Six Sigma and their respective descriptions. In addition, you will learn the different tools of Six Sigma which it uses to implement its processes.

Next, the DMAIC approach is explained along with a description of its five phases. After that, the DMAIC procedures are explained. Then, the DMADV approach is introduced and explained and both approaches are compared and contrasted. Each of the Six Sigma Belts is introduced and described, before the roles of the Six Sigma Champion and Six Sigma Executive are explained. Lastly, Six Sigma certifications are introduced along with their roles in an organization.

After completing this free course, you will gain valuable information about the basic concepts of Six Sigma. This knowledge is beneficial for anyone working in the business world at any level. White Belts can not only assist with change management within an organization, but they can also participate in local problem-solving teams that support projects. These are valuable skills, so why wait? Enrol now and start learning today!

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