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Fundamentals of Plant Layout in Industrial Engineering

Free online course on the fundamentals of plant layout, methods of plant layout and design in Industrial Engineering.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on the Fundamentals of plant layout in industrial engineering provides a comprehensive guide on how to select a site, the purpose of plant layout, and the types of plant layout. Learn about the different methods of site selection, factors affecting site selection, how to design product layouts, as well as the organization of facility and material handling. Begin this course today and improve your engineering knowledge.
Fundamentals of Plant Layout in Industrial Engineering
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This free online course on the Fundamentals of Plant Layout in Industrial Engineering will begin by introducing you to how to select the location of a plant and how to design a plant layout for an engineering organization. You will learn about the general condition that is required to locate a new plant, as well as the scope of plant location.

This course will then introduce you to the various factors that play significant roles in the selection of sites of a particular industry. After which you will learn about the different methods that can be adopted in the selection of a proper plant or site in an industrial engineering environment. You will then learn about the purpose of developing a good plant layout.

Then, this course will explain the different classes of plant layout, the different types of plant layout, the procedure of designing a product and process layout. You will learn about the importance of building designs and arrangement of facilities. Finally, you will learn about different types of buildings, along with the effect of lighting, ventilation, and climate conditions on the general well being of the workers in a plant.

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