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Fundamentals of General Science

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Fundamentals of General Science
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  • The Introduction to General Science is a free interactive course that allows the learner to grapple with scientific knowledge in interesting, engaging and easy way. It educates the learner on how scientific experiments are set up and conducted, how hypotheses are formed and how conclusions are drawn. This course is suitable for science students who wish to revise before exams, those working in laboratories who wish to reacquaint themselves with laboratory procedures or those who wish to familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of science.

  • After completing this course you will be able to effectively observe in a science laboratory and form your opinion on an experiment. You will gain a good knowledge of scientific experiments, including how to design experiments, create hypothesis testing, repeat experiments and reach a conclusion. You will learn about The Piltdown Man. This course will provide you with the essential safety methods that need to be considered in a laboratory when using test tubes, heating liquids and mixing substances. You will be able to effectively use a Bunsen burner.

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