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Fundamentals of Fluvial Processes

Free online course on the components of the fluvial processes in fluvial geomorphology, as well as drainage patterns.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on fluvial processes provides a comprehensive knowledge of the concept of the fluvial system in fluvial geomorphology. Learn how channel habits are formed as well as the functions of channel habits in the fluvial system. You will also learn how to analyze drainage, how to identify drainage patterns, as well as the importance of using drainage patterns to interpret subsurface and climate tectonic processes in this course.
Fundamentals of Fluvial Processes
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This free online course on the fundamentals of the fluvial process will begin by introducing you to the concepts of surficial and aeolian processes, as well as how they function in the fluvial system. You will learn about the throughflow process in the fluvial processes as well as the channels that aid the distribution in the fluvial system. You will also learn about the major channel habits.

You will also be introduced to how channel habits are formed, as well as the functions they perform in the fluvial system. Then, this course will teach you how to analyze fluvial drainages in fluvial systems as well as how to identify drainage patterns. Furthermore, you will learn how drainage patterns are useful in interpreting subsurface and climate tectonic processes.

Finally, you will be introduced to the role river systems play in fluvial geomorphology. You will then be equipped with the prerequisite information about the terms associated with the river system. This course will then enhance your knowledge about the young, old, and mature stages of the river systems. Begin this course and improve your knowledge of fluvial geomorphology.

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