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Exploring and Installing Let's Encrypt Using SSL Certificate

This free online course examines the various installation processes for Let's Encrypt and types of SSL certificates.

Publisher: YouAccel Training
This free online course on Exploring and Installing Let's Encrypt Using SSL Certificate teaches you about the importance of securing web content. You will gain knowledge on the differences between traditional and SSL certificates. The steps involved in obtaining an SSL certificate and how to verify the status of an SSL certificate on SSL Labs will also be highlighted. You will also learn how to install CRON-JOB which you will get to practice.
Exploring and Installing Let's Encrypt Using SSL Certificate
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Exploring and Installing Let's Encrypt Using SSL Certificate is a free online course that has been specifically designed to teach you about the step by step processes involved in installing Let’s Encrypt. Delivering web content securely has become essential. Google has now implemented a policy to attach warning labels to non secure websites. You will gain knowledge about the information required on a webpage flagged with a not secure label. You will be introduced to the importance of using secure https webpages. In some ways, traditional certificates are similar to SSL certificates. You will also gain knowledge on their features and differences. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. You will learn about the concepts and functions of SSL. Did you know that there are three types of SSL certificates? Prepare yourself to learn about their functions, as well as differences. The unique attributes of SSL will also be analyzed in this course.

When working with Let’s Encrypt, it is imperative for it to have a domain name. Domain names can be purchased through any registrar of your choice. This course will teach you about the functions of the domain name administration panel. Are you aware that DigitalOcean is a platform that simplifies cloud computing? You will learn about its features and functions.  A droplet is a virtual server. The steps involved in creating droplets will also be discussed. Consoles play a key role when working with servers. Examine how to use a console to administer a newly created server. PuTTY is an SSH telnet client. Discuss the application and functions of PuTTY in the SSL certificate installation process. You will also become familiar with services such as Apache, used to configure newly created virtual machines.

Installing Let’s Encrypt client is the first step in the Let’s Encrypt installation process. You will also gain knowledge on the multiple steps involved in the installation process. It is imperative to allow users access your web page over https protocol. Did you know that checking the status of a certificate is vital? Prepare yourself to learn about the necessary measures you can take to keep it in check. Cancelled certificates are a red flag. State the effects of cancelled certificates on a website. Crontab plays an important role in renewing SSL certificates. Discuss the installation process of crontab. This course will be of great interest to students,programming enthusiasts, researchers, programmers, developers and anyone with an interest in understanding how to explore and install Let's Encrypt Using SSL Certificate. So, register for this course and start your next learning journey today.

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