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English Grammar - Pronouns & Determiners (Intermediate level)

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English Grammar - Pronouns & Determiners (Intermediate level)
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  • In this course you will learn about using reflexive pronouns (myself/yourself etc.); know when reflexive pronouns are not necessary and when we use other phrases instead; learn about possessive pronouns (mine/yours etc.) and using 'own', 'self', 'there', and 'it'; learn about dummy subjects and the verb 'to be'; learn about describing nouns; use modal verbs to provide extra information; use interrogatives or question words; learn to use 'some' and 'any' for quantity, in positive and negative forms; practice using the suffixes -body and -thing for people and objects; be able to compare nobody and anybody; practice using singular and plural words, gender neutral words, both, either, neither, a lot and all in sentences.

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  • After completing this course you will be able to:

    • Justify why we use reflexive pronouns, e.g. myself/ourselves etc. in sentences where the subject and the object are the same.
    • Explain why there are certain sentences where reflexive pronouns are not necessary and we use other words/phrases instead.
    • Relate how possessive pronouns mean something which belongs to someone and outline why singular words are often followed by plural words.
    • Describe how the words 'own' and 'self' are used in sentences with a similar meaning and how 'both', 'either' and 'neither' refers to or compares two things.
    • Relate how the words 'there' and 'it' are used as dummy subjects with the verb 'to be' - to give information about a noun and how 'there' refers to place.

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