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English Grammar - Pronouns & Determiners (Intermediate level)

Learn the rules for using English pronouns and determiners with this intermediate level English grammar course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online English grammar course teaches you about the use of Pronouns and Determiners. If you have been studying English for some time now, you might know that pronouns can take the place of nouns. Pronouns are short words that can do everything that nouns can do. With this course, you will study reflexive pronouns and their correct usage which will broaden your understanding of English grammar and help you speak it fluently.
English Grammar - Pronouns & Determiners (Intermediate level)
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This free online English course will first introduce you to reflexive pronouns, such as 'myself' and 'ourselves'. You will learn that sometimes reflexive pronouns are not necessary and that you can sometimes use other phrases to take their place. The course will also cover 'own' and 'self' and how they can be used in different ways but mean the same thing. You will study 'there' and 'it', and how to use other words such as modal verbs with 'there' and 'it' in order to provide extra information.

You will then learn how to use 'some' and 'any' to talk about quantity as well as how to use 'some' for positives and 'any' for negatives. This grammar course will then teach you how to properly use 'without' with 'any' as well as show you the similarities between 'anybody' and 'nobody' and 'anyone'. Finally, you will cover the proper uses of 'somebody' and 'someone' as well as 'both', 'either' and 'neither'.

This intermediate level English Grammar course on pronouns and determiners is designed to be easy to understand and follow. Studying the different uses of pronouns in place of nouns will help you become more articulate when speaking the English language and forming sentences.The included audio recordings will also help you get used to the native English accent. So, check out the course and start enhancing your English grammar and listening skills today!

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