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Engineering Graphics and Design - Sectional Views and Isometric Projections

Learn the fundamentals of isometric projections, sectional views, and axonometric projections in this free online course

Publisher: NPTEL
Suppose you are interested in design or engineering and would like to increase your skills in this subject. In that case, this free course on sectional views and isometric projections will help you explore the fundamentals of sections and sectional views in engineering graphics. It teaches you how to classify and distinguish between various design features and examine graphic projections and the lines, axes, and scaling used in illustrations.
Engineering Graphics and Design - Sectional Views and Isometric Projections
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    1.5-3 Hours
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In this course on sectional views and isometric projections, you will study the subject matter of sections and sectional views within engineering design. The knowledge gained in this course will allow you to further understand the engineering fields and cultivate a new set of skills to be used in your engineering or graphic design fields. You will begin this course with an introduction to sections as well as sectional views. You will discuss the reasoning for creating a sectional view and what improvements the different classifications of views can have on illustrations and exposed interior features and complexities of the assemblies viewed. Following on, you will define cut planes and learn the different types of cutting planes. This includes investigating the frontal and vertical cutting plane, the oblique section plane and the profile cutting plane, among others. You will then continue to the classification of sectional views.

Moving on from cutting planes, you will reiterate your understanding of sectional views and be introduced to the different sections. You will learn to distinguish between half-sections and full sections and learn their uses for each sectional view. You will also study the various thread lines and the meanings of the thread on the exposed material. Following this, you will study offset, revolved sections, rib and web sections, aligned sections, broken-out sections and finally removed sections. You will learn what makes them unique and useful within the engineering and design fields. To conclude this section, you will discuss the typical machine elements of sectional views and learn how to draw and correctly illustrate a sectional view of multiple different objects and assemblies. The following topic will then introduce you to graphic projections and focus on a specific area, the isometrics of axonometric projections.

This course’s final topic will introduce graphical projections and the branches into parallel and perspective projections. Within the parallel projections is orthographics, and within this is the axonometric projections. This area is where the topic’s focal point will be within the axonometric projections’ three classifications. You will cover both the dimetric and trimetric projections, but the focus will be on isometric projections. You will discuss isometric projections and study the different isometric planes, axes and lines and their significance. You will learn how dimensioning and labelling works within isometric drawings, and you will analyse examples to help your understanding. This course is a specific course designed for those interested and with existing engineering expertise or any form of design. It is for those wanting to expand their knowledge and skillset within their field or perhaps learn something completely new. So, what are you waiting for? Begin this free online course today by taking this practical course in sectional views and isometric projections.

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