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Diploma in Visual Basic Programming

Learn core programming concepts using Visual Basic.

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Learn core programming concepts using Visual Basic.





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The course Diploma in Visual Basic Programming offers you a comprehensive review of the information you need to develop your own applications as a software developer. You will learn everything from installing Visual Studio onto your computer to formatting the way time displays in an application for an end user.

With the rapid increase in the development of technology, there is more of a demand for software developers in the working industry. In this course, you will learn how to write your own code to create a functioning application for your designated end user. In a Step-by-step process, you will be taken through the different levels of learning Visual Basic. You will learn a number of different ways to write your code in order to get different outcomes for the end user. The course will also teach you the various ways of displaying your code, different statements and expressions, and everything you need to know about the .NET framework class library.

This course will guide you through video tutorials which allows you to see how to write your code. You will be able to pause and rewind the videos which will allow you to learn the content at your own pace and therefore, ensuring you get the best learning experience from this Alison diploma course. This course will benefit those wishing to start a career as a software developer, students interested in learning about building applications, or software developers wishing to improve their skills on Visual Basic.

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