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Diploma in Services Marketing: Integrating People, Technology and Strategy

In this free course, learn how service businesses can be managed to achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction

Free Course
This free online services marketing course provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the main service marketing issues, practices and strategies. By studying these key concepts, organizing frameworks and tools, you will learn how service businesses can be managed to achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. Start this course today and learn valuable skills in services marketing.
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This course introduces you to the main concepts in services marketing. It begins by exploring new perspectives in marketing in the service economy, including consumer behaviour. You will learn
about positioning services in a competitive environment and developing, marketing and distributing service products across multiple channels.

The course provides insights into: setting prices, implementing revenue management, promoting services, educating customers, balancing demand, productive capacity, managing relationships, improving service quality and productivity and striving for market leadership. The scope of the services sector is increasing globally and this free course has been created in response to the global transformation of economies towards services.

The expert knowledge you will learn will help you to market and manage services better, thereby improving productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. This course is suitable for business and marketing students, those already working in the industry or those interested in a career in the sector. You can start this course here.

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