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Diploma in HTML5 Game Development

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Diploma in HTML5 Game Development
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  • The course Diploma in HTML5 Game Development will lteach you about creating video games for mobile platforms and web browsers. You will be introduced to the Apache Cordova platform and Enchant.js game engine, how to create a map and player character for your game and add interaction and a battle system into your game. You will also learn about making a proper plan and documentation.

    The course begins by introducing you to the Apache Cordova platform for building mobile applications. You will learn to create maps and images for maps. You will also learn to create player characters, adding controls to the character, add collisions and using Enchants built-in collision detection system.

    Next, you will learn to create and add an inventory system for the player character. You will also learn to create non-player characters (NPCs) and getting the player to interact with the NPCs. This course will also teach you to create shop menu for the player character to buy game items. It also teaches about using Enchants scene stack and to create battle system for player character to fight enemy NPCs.

    Next, you will learn to construct a proper plan for developing your game, and issues to be addressed during planning. You will learn about the proper documentation that game development companies implement as part of their projects.

    You will also learn about adding magic to game's battle system, setting up a menu system, end game screen, and adding sound effects. The course also teaches you to build Azure website, create a server using Node.js, Express and Socket.IO to host multiplayer features for your game, and to connect players to the server. You will learn about further ideas to develop and expand the game.

    This course will be of great interest to those who wish to learn about developing video games or to further expand their programing knowledge.

    Prerequisites: Learners should have some knowledge of Java or JavaScript or computer programing.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to: - Describe how to setup your environment for developing games for windows phone in Microsoft Visual Studio. - Describe how to create and setup a map for your game. - Describe how to load sprites and other images into your game. - Describe how to add a playable character to your game. - Describe how to set collision in your game. - Describe how to give your playable character statistics and be able to display them. - Recognise the process of creating an inventory system in a video game. - Identify how to debug using the developer tools in web browsers. - Recognise the process of creating basic NPC interaction in a video game. - Discuss the process of creating a shop in a video game. - Describe how enchant scene stack works. - Recognise the process of setting up a battle system in a video game. - Identify how attacks are triggered in a video game battle system. - Explain ideas for extending your video game. - Identify updates and tools to upgrade to your visual studio development environment. - Explain the importance of making effective plans for developing your game. - Discuss topics and issues you will need to address in your game plans. - Describe the Documentation that is the industry standard for Games Development Companies. - Recognize UML Diagrams and their usefulness in helping visualize your system. - Identify how to create an Azure Website. - Discuss the process of building a Server with Node.js, Express and Socket.io - Discuss to process of Connecting the player to the server. - Identify ideas to further expand you video game. - Explain the process of adding a magic system to a video game. - Identify the process of adding sound to a video game. - Discuss the process of creating and adding a Quest System to a video game.

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