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Advanced Diploma in High School Chemistry

This free online course covers scientific measurements plus organic and nuclear chemistry for high school students.

Publisher: ADU
This is a well-explained and summarized course on modern chemistry that is highly relevant to high school students, especially those preparing to take exams, as well as teachers looking to refresh their fundamental knowledge. It starts with the foundations of scientific measurements and covers nuclear and organic chemistry. Registration, subscription and completion are all free.
Advanced Diploma in High School Chemistry
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This is a detailed online diploma in high school chemistry. It is specifically designed for science teachers and students to cover chemistry concepts that are required for high school exams. Teachers that enroll in this diploma will be able to refresh their knowledge. Students will gain exposure to key elements of scientific quantities along with their basic units. They will also learn about different solutions to problems requiring both calculations and conversions of quantities alongside their units, in line with standardized nomenclature that is globally recognized. Other standardized aspects examined include the rules for writing and balancing all types of equations. Some reactions in chemistry are redox, organic, and neutralization - a combined understanding of these concepts improves your chances of passing your chemistry exam.

Chemistry demands good analytical skills to make basic calculations related to volume, moles, units, and conversions. Worked examples show how different methods can be used to solve chemistry problems. These examples are carefully chosen to keep up to date with the many advances in chemistry, especially those relevant to high school students. Learners are expected to recall the easy steps outlined in solving the general, organic, and nuclear problems analyzed in this course. Upon successful completion of the required modules, you will also be conversant with the identification and characterization of organic compounds along with their functional groups.

Have you ever thought about how energy surrounds us and our activities? This and other questions are clearly answered by the material. You will learn about mass conservation together with comparisons between physical and chemical properties of substances. This will help build a foundation for the evaluation of laws covering the different states of matter, including Avogadro’s law, Boyle’s law, and Dalton’s law. The course also analyzes atomic and subatomic particles that can only be seen with the aid of complex equipment. This is done in order to allow learners to understand the constituents of atoms and molecules. You will also evaluate how to make volumetric analyses using calculations for neutralization reactions. Start your learning journey into the world of chemistry today!

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