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High School Chemistry: General, Organic, and Nuclear Chemistry

This free online course describes chemical reactions, along with aspects of general, organic, and nuclear chemistry.

Publisher: ADU
High School Chemistry - General, Organic, and Nuclear Chemistry highlights the basic concepts of general, organic, and nuclear chemistry relevant to students planning on taking high school chemistry exams. Do you need to understand chemistry problems covering acids, bases, and salts? Learn about different reactions related to neutralization, redox, and titration. Start your learning journey on the standardized rules in chemical reactions today!
High School Chemistry: General, Organic, and Nuclear Chemistry
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Information from chemical analysis forms a base for requirements used by engineers, technicians, and scientists. Engineers, for instance, cannot do without the concept of equilibrium. Technicians on the other hand require that safety standards are conducted on hazardous materials like acids. While chemists in the industry often require various specialized instrumental techniques within and outside their areas of specialization. Chemical analysis is very broad and technical. It covers techniques for calculations, analysis, and reporting of concepts in general chemistry. You will be presented with an important standardized technique for conducting accurate acid-base titrations along with unique skills for predicting the spontaneity of reactions. This will also include aspects of chemical equilibrium covering the effects of concentration, temperature and pressure on chemical balance together with their shifts. Why miss out on all these key aspects relevant to scientists of the 21st century?

High School Chemistry: General, Organic, and Nuclear Chemistry engages enrolled learners on the basics of common redox reactions. These reactions are found in the fundamental equations that give us energy all over our universe. They are found in reactions where electrons are caused to move, thereby releasing spontaneous energy. This free online course illustrates these reactions at both atomic and molecular levels in clear terms for the everyday learner. The style used for this makes it easy for learners to understand concepts around atoms, molecules, and compounds. Learners are also introduced to useful details for mastering basic nuclear and organic reactions as well as other common reactions. This includes secrets every student should have before sitting for their high school exam in chemistry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ace your chemistry exams!

Usually, people perceive nuclear chemistry and its reactions to be solely destructive. Causing them to lose opportunities for learning and teaching the vast benefits of nuclear radioactive particles especially in relation to energy generation. They also shy away from the important applications of organic chemistry in medicine, therapy, and product processing useful to our everyday lives. Enrol in this course today to rid yourself of all these common fears and negative perceptions of nuclear and organic chemistry. Also, learn the many benefits that these fields of chemistry have in making the earth sustainable. Furthermore, acids are always seen as bad, often neglecting the defining property of varying concentrations that makes acids, bases, and salts harmless. Experienced industrial workers and scientists will enjoy a good refresher on their basic level chemistry covering general, organic, and nuclear chemistry by enrolling for free today. Begin your learning journey today!

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