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High School Chemistry: Measurements and Matter

This free online basic chemistry course explains scientific measurements along with crucial aspects of matter and atoms.

Publisher: ADU
This is a course specially designed for high-school pupils to master scientific measurements in chemistry together with concepts of matter and energy. It also describes details of matter together with subatomic particles covering electrons, neutrons, and protons. Start this course today to learn about conducting accurate measurements and understand matter!
High School Chemistry: Measurements and Matter
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Science defines ‘matter’ simply as anything that has mass or volume and occupies physical space. Your phone is matter; what you stand or sit on is also matter; our beds are also matter; we, too, are matter. In this course, you will study the composition of matter around you, covering its atomic structure as well as protons, neutrons, and electrons. The material also explains the interaction between these different components in the formation of molecules, compounds, isotopes and polymers. You will also understand transforming matter from one form to another while considering the varying properties of each form and the Law of Conservation of Mass. Successfully completing this course will equip you with knowledge on the science of atoms and their relationship with matter around us.

This course is designed for chemistry students. It explains the correct methods for taking measurements of quantities in chemistry with accuracy, precision, and attached uncertainties. It also analyses the standardised dimensions and units of length, capacity, and weight or mass used in the metric system of measurements. Learners will go through simple examples for unit conversion of different quantities measured in chemistry. They will also learn about the arithmetic of readings for various common measurements.

All humans are made of matter. On a microscopic level, we exist and survive based on the unimaginable number of chemical reactions of atoms within us. Studies have estimated that a single human being carries roughly seven thousand quadrillion atoms within them! Imagine the number of chemical reactions these atoms go through every second within your body. Pause for a moment and think about where to start your exploration of biology and chemistry? Also, ask yourself the important question of what chemical reactions occur within your organs like your heart, stomach and lungs? By taking this free online course, you begin your journey to answer questions about living and nonliving things around you. Begin your learning journey on measurements of quantities and matter in chemistry!

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