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Diploma in Change Management

Learn the principles and practices for successfully implementing organizational change management.

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Learn the principles and practices for successfully implementing organizational change management.





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The course Diploma in Change Management will help you develop the skills necessary to play an active and effective role within an organization that is going through a period of change. With increased competition and technological advancements businesses need to be able to change the way they provide their services in accordance to their customers' demands. Should they fail to do so, they face the real risk of losing customers and even going out of business.

The course begins by introducing you to the theory of change management. You will examine contemporary forms of organizational structures and analyse the strategies that are used to implement change in each structure in the most efficient manner. You will then be introduced to a more practical approach to change management. You will examine the factors needed to successfully implement change and develop a positive attitude towards change within an organization. You will learn that through communicating effectively, establishing a sense of trust and allowing an input from all departments, change can be embraced rather than feared.

You will examine the fears and apprehensions that employees may encounter during periods of change and learn how to develop the skills needed to empathise with them, help them see the positive aspects of change and even become champions of change. Finally, you will study key factors that research suggests helps develop a positive organizational capacity for change. Each factor focuses on a different element of the organization such as: the role of middle management, the creation of a culture of accountability, and the role trust plays in the process. You will study a range of tools and processes that help implement change across an organization, and these will give you the skills necessary to help individuals, teams, and large systems adapt to change.

This Diploma course will be of great interest to professionals working in an industry that is currently experiencing or will soon be experiencing change, and wish to play a prominent role in the change management process. The course will also be of interest to small business owners who wish to learn more about guiding their business and employees through a period of change.

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