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Designing Animated PowerPoint Slides

This free online PowerPoint Slide Design and Animation course will teach you how to create, design and animate slides.

Publisher: Andrew Pach
This free online PowerPoint Slide Design & Animation course will equip you with the skills required to create and animate impactful presentations like a professional. Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide creation and animation tool. This course entails the design and animation aspects of slides. By taking this course, you will have detailed knowledge and skills to create slides, animate them, apply transitions and export them.
Designing Animated PowerPoint Slides
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This free online PowerPoint Slide Design & Animation course on Alison.com will help you become a professional at creating and animating presentation slides using Microsoft Powerpoint application. Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular software application used widely to create slides for presentation purposes. This free online course aims to equip you with the skills required to design and animate professional presentation slides. You will start by learning how to design slides and templates, this covers how to change the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide. You will also learn how to pick a theme and topic for your slide as well as how to source high-quality photos online and setting the right font. You will learn how to create templates for your theme, next you will learn how to make photo showcases, this includes double photo showcase and text-oriented showcase, finally, you will learn how to make a triple Instagram stories slide in PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool not only used for slides creation but is also use to create tutorial videos for learning purposes, as a digital portfolio and animation maker, in this free online course, you will also learn how to make and apply animations to your slides using PowerPoint. You will learn also how to use PowerPoint to animate an entire slide scene and how to make multiple animations on a circle, as well as how to build an animation upon an existing one. You will learn how to create animations with pictures and how to make a circle spin within your design. Next, you will be introduced to some advanced animation techniques, this includes the walk cycle animation, you will also learn some transition effects and how to apply them to your slides, finally you'll learn how to export your slides, including how to set the slide duration and how to review the slides using the slide sorter.

Microsoft PowerPoint, usually just called PowerPoint and abbreviated as PPT, is a commercial presentation program developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite desktop package and it uses a graphical approach to present information in the form of slide shows that is usually accompanied by oral delivery of the topic. PowerPoint is regarded as the most useful, creative way to create and present visual aids, presenters often spend countless hours trying to use PowerPoint to develop slides. PowerPoint is used in our daily life at schools education purposes and at all levels of business, this free online course on Alison.com has been built to help you become a professional at using PowerPoint to create and animate slides for presentation purposes, by taking this free online course you will learn how to deliver quality information to your audience during presentations like business meetings and gatherings and at school, so what are you waiting for? Take this course now and acquire a nice skill today.

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