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Design of Flexural Beams in Steel Structures

Learn how to design laterally supported and unsupported beams in steel structures with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Design Course on Flexural Beams focuses on revealing the step-by-step process of designing laterally supported and unsupported beams. Beams carry the transverse loads of building structures and are susceptible to certain failures. Beams must be designed against those possible failures in order to ensure they can safely carry loads of steel structures. This course will provide examples to guide you through the designs.
Design of Flexural Beams in Steel Structures
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The free online course on, Design of Flexural Beams in Steel Structures, is designed to develop your understanding of how laterally supported and unsupported beams are designed for steel structures. The course starts with introducing the various types of beams and the modes of failures that can occur in beams. You will then be introduced to the types of steel sections used as beams as well as the design criteria for beams. Next, you will learn about the design criteria for laterally supported beams and the steps in designing the laterally supported beams that are on high or low shear.

The course then demonstrates how to determine the design bending strength of laterally unsupported beams and compares the bending strength of a laterally unsupported beam to that of a laterally supported beam. You will then discover the steps in designing a laterally unsupported beam. Lastly, you will learn how to determine the plastic elastic modulus of a built-up section.

If you are a civil engineer, structural engineer, or one with a keen interest in understanding how beams are designed to safely carry loads in steel structures, you will benefit from taking this course. This course will go a long way to disclosing the steps and codes of practice needed in designing laterally supported and unsupported beams in steel structures. Why wait, start this course today!


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