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Decision-Making Using Cash Flow Statements

Learn how journal entries, consolidating ledgers, and preparing the final accounts support the decision making process.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on financial statements in decision making teaches you how to prepare different types of financial records for effective decision-making. Learn about using accounting principles to pass journal entries and consolidate the ledger. You will also study the effects of various transactions and the process of preparing the final accounts. This course will improve your financial decision-making skills.
Decision-Making Using Cash Flow Statements
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Financial Statements for Decision Making is a free online course that teaches the processes involved in preparing the types of financial records for decision-making. This course will enhance your knowledge of the interactions between financial transactions and financial records. The course begins with an illustration of passing journal entries and preparing financial statements using key accounting principles.

Next, you will learn about recording a series of transactions involving credit payments and supplies - purchases and sales returns. You will also study the effects of transactions such as drawings and cash purchases, as well as applying the real account principle. Then, you will analyze the process of consolidating the journal entries in the ledger account using Excel spreadsheets. Finally, you will discuss different aspects of the ledger and how to prepare the profit or loss statement and the balance sheet.

This free online course aims at teaching you the interactions between financial statements and its function in decision-making for individuals and businesses. This course will be of interest to students, accountants, financial enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in applying information from financial records.

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