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Data Analytics - Mining and Analysis of Big Data

Learn the most effective and simple methods of mining and analysing big data, from the four V’s to clustering procedures

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Most modern companies have mountains of data available to them, but don’t know what to do with it. Huge spreadsheets of numbers might contain the crucial pieces of information a company needs to build a powerful business strategy, and the people who can find that information are essential for a company’s success. This course will show you the best techniques used to analyse and interpret big data, so that you can become that essential employee.
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The course begins by introducing you to the four V’s of big data. You will first learn about associative rule mining and when the association technique can be applied. This will include a clear overview of the key patterns that arise in mining. Next, you will learn about clustering analysis for big data. Here, the course will examine the difference between clustering and classification and guide you through the different types of clustering, including K-means clustering and K-meloids.

Next, you will learn about online and active learning. This will include a section covering experimentation in big data and the difference between an online and offline context of data creation. You will then be introduced to the concept of stochastic multi-choice problems and will be shown key techniques for navigating these problems. Finally, you will be introduced to the n-arm bandit problem and how to find solutions for the multi-arm bandit problem.

With big data being as important as it is for modern business, understanding data science and big data mining will make you a very valuable employee and bring your business to new heights. This free course will give you the skills you need to bring advanced data analysis to whatever business you are working with. So get started, and in just 3 hours you’ll have gained a great boost for your résumé and your career development.


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