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Create a Cartoon Fishing House in Maya

In this free online course, learn and improve your skills in Maya 3D application by designing a beautiful fishing house.

Publisher: Ivan Yosifov
With this free online course, you get to learn Maya application features and commands in a simple way while designing a fishing house. Understand the process of building a gray box using key Maya tools and features like Bevel, Vertex, Chamfer Vertices, and nCloth. The course not only helps you boost your skills in Maya but give you the confidence to explore the world of 3D designing. These are very interesting skills in animation
Create a Cartoon Fishing House in Maya
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This free course on Modeling Lowpoly Cartoon Fishing House teaches you the basics of 3d modeling in Autodesk- Maya. Autodesk Maya simply known as Maya is a 3D visual effect , Animation and graphic design software. This leading software is used around the globe when it comes to designing and stunning 3D graphics and animation effects. The course has been created in an easy to understand way with no technical jargons. Simple video tutorials help you understand the basic techniques of 3D designing and modeling effectively. You get a hands o understanding of Maya, its primary tools and its user interface. To help you easily understand the process of learning the course is structured into small tutorials so that you can easily understand all the necessary tools and techniques of Maya.

From planning and creating the gray box ie the basic shape of the model to building the fishing house the course easily walks you through the process. It guides you in using different Maya tools and features to create both the floors and cabins of your 3D Cartoon Fishing House. Learn how to design and make the structures and assets a bit more unique by applying specific tools like Bevel, Vertex and others. Understand the use of specific Maya features like nCloth and Chamfer vertices.

If you mostly work in 2D then this course is a perfect fit for you. It improves your designing skills and helps you easily master 3D modelling technology through step by step tutorials from start to finish. The skills you will gain and the techniques you learn can make a huge impact on your creativity and performance as a designer or professional animator. By the end of this course, you will be more informative and creative in using Maya. Doing this course will help you improve your skills. The course boosts your value both as an artist or professional.Enroll now to get started.

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