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Graphic Design

Learn the theory, principles and practices involved in graphic design with this free online Graphic Design course.

Publisher: BCcampus OpenEd
This course teaches you the art of graphic design from the ground up and suits novices and those looking to polish their creative skills. We explore the history of graphic design and examine its theory, practices and principles. We then show you how text and images can be effectively used to create an impact and convey a message to a specific audience. These tools can make you a successful graphic designer so sign up to gain a valuable new skill.
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Often referred to as ‘graphic design’, communication design uses messages and images to convey information to a specific targeted audience. This course establishes design as a form of problem-solving that creates a system in which to communicate. A good designer breaks the problem up into separate creative activities to find effective solutions and convincing messaging.

This course begins by navigating the history of graphic design and font development and tracing its use in books and advertizing. The study of semiotics (the science of symbolism and visual messages) allowed design students in the twentieth century to establish coherent parameters of communication. We delve into their work to help you to maintain visual cleanliness and readability while you employ techniques like the dynamic use of negative space, asymmetrical composition and full background photography.

We explain how the ‘Attention - Interest - Desire - Action’ (AIDA) marketing process works and guide you through the use of the elements of composition: point, line, color, plane and focal point. These techniques are used to create contrast and emphasis and combine with typography to create organizational communication systems. We also teach you how to develop design projects in collaboration with others. Graphic design is a valuable skill and this course suits anyone wishing to work as one, whether you’re just starting out or want to refresh your skills.

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