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Graphic Design - Visual and Graphic Design

Master the processes and principles that drive graphic and visual design with this free online certificate course.

Publisher: XSIQ
This course guides you through the fundamentals of visual and graphic design and lays out their processes. We explore basic design principles - covering composition, balance, contrast and hierarchy - and examine important design elements like lines, shapes, forms and textures. This course gives you a taste of what graphic designers do in the real world and offers the training you need to join them with your newly acquired skills.
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Graphic design is a skill with almost limitless uses. From designing company logos and assisting architects to creating beautiful art, the possibilities are endless. Almost every company in the world needs a graphic designer to turn their ideas into something people can see and appreciate. This is a valuable and in-demand skill that can boost your career development and is also fun to use as you make beguiling and arresting images.

This course breaks down design processes and offers a taste of designers’ daily work. We cover the basic principles of design: composition, balance, contrast and hierarchy. We then move on to various design elements, including line, shape, form and texture. The course explains the fundamentals of visual and graphic design to set you on the path to a new career.

Many people have great ideas but just can't communicate what they look like. Graphic design is the key to getting those ideas out there as ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This course can make you the person who draws that picture, a powerful and in-demand skill that opens doors so sign up to learn what it takes to step through.

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