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Fundamentals of Logo Design

This free online course examines the fundamentals and techniques of world-class logo design.

Publisher: YouAccel Training
Fundamentals of Logo Design is a free online course that introduces you to the fundamentals of graphics. It outlines the prerequisites of Logo design and provides you with guidelines and best practices for logo design. We will discuss the requirements for a successful logo design and the psychology behind the different colours when designing a logo. You'll also learn the difference between font and typeface.
Fundamentals of Logo Design
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A logo is a graphical representation or a symbol of a company name, trademark or abbreviation. It is usually designed for ready recognition and will resonate with consumers to become an integral part of its marketing identity. Logos can help businesses build trustful sales relationships with consumers, and they even serve as a psychological connection between a company and its customers. Creating a logo with graphics, fonts, and colours is essential for a company because this visual symbol will become a recognizable part of its identity. This free online course will show you the inside secrets and techniques to designing and developing world-class logos. By taking this course, you will get a head start on how various software applications fit together into the logo design puzzle. You will see a variety of step-by-step, hands-on processes for designing your own logos.

While a sound marketing plan is essential, your visual communication skills are equally crucial for your business. With the help of visuals like logos, business cards, and other graphic designs, companies can instantly connect with the audience. This course discusses a brief history of logo design, how it started, and the exact intention of logo creation. You will learn how logos apply meaning to a product or service. Don't forget that running a business is not easy in this highly competitive world of today. According to the reports, 80% of small businesses close down in the first year of their operation. The rest of them fade away from the market in two to three years. Only a few of them can stay firm in their niche markets. By the end of this course, you will understand why small businesses need your logo design skills. It gives you guidelines and best practices for logo design.

A business needs to create a wide range of visual elements to establish its corporate identity (CI). These include a company's logo, brochure, business card, website design, mobile apps, packaging, leaflet design, and a host of other designs. But the logo is the most important of all such designs because a logo is everywhere as a core brand identity of your company. In this course, you will learn the requirements for a successful logo design. We will analyze globally recognized logo designs and give reasons why some logos stand out from the crowd. You will learn about the trends in logo designs and how to create a specific design for your clients without necessarily following the trends. You will learn how to organize a logo's visual information and communicate to viewers in non-verbal ways via colour shape and typography. This course outlines the various types of logos, how they work and how they function. If you are a graphic designer, freelancer, digital marketer or aspiring graphic designer, you'll benefit from this course. Sign up now!

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