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Community Psychology - Understanding Communities

Learn about the social problems, diversity and psychology within the community from this free online course.

Publisher: BCcampus OpenEd
This free online course on Community Psychology will teach you how community psychologists understand communities, and view the reasons for the presence of social problems. This includes the unequal distribution of resources which causes poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and crime within the community members. You will learn about the diversity that can be encountered in a community, the impact of identities on communities and social issues.
Community Psychology - Understanding Communities
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This free online course on Understanding Communities is about the work of community psychologists who help communities throw off the chains of oppression, and help communities empower themselves. The course teaches you about the diversity that can be encountered in community life, and the impact of identities on communities and social issues.

Next, the course discusses oppression and power, including the psychological implications that oppression can have on individuals and communities. You will learn about what power is and how oppression and power are often the two sides of the same coin. Furthermore, you will be learning about the action strategies for dismantling oppression and power, and the systems used to maintain oppression and power.

Finally, you will learn about levels of empowerment, and how it can be difficult to empower those who have been oppressed as the oppressors often create privileges for themselves at the expense of oppressed people. You will learn about the Empowerment Process Model by Fabricio Balcazar and Yolanda Suarez Balcazar. This free online course is for anyone interested in understanding and learning more about the psychology within the community, community well being, community development as well as diversity in community life. Enroll in this online course today and learn valuable skills about community psychology and how it can help communities overcome oppression.

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