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CLEP Pre-Calculus: Trigonometry

This free online course examines the basics of trigonometric functions, as well as the application of various trig laws.

Publisher: ADU
CLEP Pre-Calculus: Trigonometry is a uniquely designed course that analyzes important applications of trigonometry covering its wide range of uses in our daily lives. For instance, the fundamental workings of sound and light technology are based on trigonometry. You will learn about trigonometric laws, ratios, functions, identities, and graphs relevant to pre-calculus. Enrol to learn about aspects of trigonometry relevant to pre-calculus today!
CLEP Pre-Calculus: Trigonometry
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Trigonometry is said to be as old as the Hellenistic world. Which interestingly, dates back to the 3rd century. So, it is not surprising that we find applications of trigonometry ranging from astronomy to oceanography. Closer to us, we find its applications in surveying lands for plot mapping and range finding. Archaeologists also relate the codification of climatic seasons and calendars of various ancient dynasties with aspects of modern trigonometry. This course provides great help to students and professionals struggling with trigonometry in school or industry. Because trigonometry can hardly be avoided in science and technology. The course introduces basic trigonometric formulas useful in pre-calculus. These formulas are explained from their fundamental derivations covering properties of right angle triangles. The right angle triangles further relate defined sides with respect to given angles usually named with Greek letters like theta and phi. Put all your trigonometry fears to end by carefully going through the fundamentals of trigonometric identities and equations outlined in this course. Analyze all there is to the basic workings of ratios in trigonometry.

Computers, unlike humans, cannot listen and comprehend sounds we enjoy like music. Rather, they code and decode sounds mathematically by representing sounds into constituent waves. Fascinating! These waves have various properties evaluated in this course covering frequency, wavelength, and amplitude. Therefore, it is important for sound engineers to understand the basics of trigonometry. Wouldn’t you want to know how computers code and decode sounds? As is commonly known, trigonometry is the study of the different relationships between angles. Learn about every relationship and property of angles relevant to pre-calculus. Including common functions like sin, cosine, and tangent. Also, gain knowledge on using such functions to correctly graph useful quantities that are applied in many industries and different school levels. It is expected that upon the successful completion of modules in this course you will be able to accurately measure and calculate various angles at a heartbeat. It is also expected that you will be able to correctly state the popular laws of trigonometry effortlessly.

Furthermore, proofs of trigonometric laws are covered in this course to help learners become familiar with them. Learners would be able to easily state the Pythagorean theorem algebraically when they successfully complete this course. Also, apply the theory in deriving many formulas relevant to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics yourself. Analyze graphs of various trigonometric functions along with their inverses. Can you possibly imagine a world without the applications of trigonometry? A world without geometry or the many branches of mechanics. It is important for learners to take courses like this CLEP Pre-Calculus: Trigonometry to help continue the development of human society through industries and technology. We have every need for continuous knowledge on circular functions, trigonometric ratios, arcs, and the many trigonometric identities relevant to pre-calculus. What are you waiting for? Enrol in this free online course to learn all about the important basics of trigonometry. Start your learning journey today!

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