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C# Programming - Switch Statements, Collections and Events

Learn how to code applications using decision statements, collections, and events with this free C# programming course.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online C# programming course will teach you how collections and events work in conjunction with switch statements. A switch statement is a type of selection control mechanism that lets the value of a variable or expression change the control flow of program execution via search and map. The C# programming language is very popular among professional programming, so get started on boosting your career today with this free course.
C# Programming - Switch Statements, Collections and Events
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This course will first discuss how to declare the switch decision statement and enumerations using the enum keyword. You will learn how to use the try-catch statement when handling exceptions as well as study the different types of decision making statements such as the switch decision statement, if...else statement, and the if...else...if statement. You will learn how to check for the most specific first, and then the more general when handling exceptions in C# programming.

You will then learn the importance of the order of catch clauses in a try-catch statement. The course will teach you how to create and manage groups of related objects using collections. You will study Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and how it offers a consistent model for working with data across various kinds of data sources and formats. You will then learn how to use the C# WPF application and which parameters the AddHandler statement takes.

In the modern world where companies are in a constant race to produce the most effective, functional, and attractive software applications, strong application programming skills are a real asset. This back end languages for web development online course will really help you enhance your software application programming skills. By the end of the course, you will understand a standardized method of letting objects handle your programs and signal user actions such as key presses, clicks, and mouse movements. So why wait? Start your next learning journey, today. 

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