Approaches to Satellite Image Enhancement

In this free online course, discover the techniques of filtering, enhancing and classifying satellite images.

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This free online course on the Approaches to Satellite Image Enhancement will show you how satellite images are acquired, classified, and enhanced. As satellite images are acquired, they must be classified and enhanced to improve their visualisation. This course will demonstrate to you the techniques for enhancing satellite images and ensuring that they are free from False Topographic Perception Phenomena (FTPP).
Approaches to Satellite Image Enhancement
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This course on Approaches to Satellite Image Enhancement begins by teaching you how Spatial Filtering is applied to satellite images. In addition to this, you will be shown band rationing, and how the principal component analysis is performed on images, as well as how the Fourier Transformation Technique is used in enhancing satellite images. The course explains the difference between supervised and unsupervised image classification, including their advantages and limitations. You will be shown how to apply convolution filtering and density slicing classification on images using different software.

The course further discusses the mechanisms and application of the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technique in remote sensing. You will then learn about the application of the mosaicking technique, image subset, and sub-sampling in digital image processing. The course explains the causes of False Topographic Perception Phenomena (FTPP) on satellite images and the various ways it can be corrected. Lastly, you will be exposed to the advantages and limitations of high spatial resolution satellite images and various image compression techniques.

If you have been curious about how satellite images are filtered and enhanced to improve their visualisation, this course is especially for you. Not only will you learn about the techniques of filtration and enhancement of satellite images but also ways of correcting the False Topographic Perception Phenomena (FTPP) on those images. You will also be shown how software can be used to filter, stretch and classify satellite images. Take this course today and enter the world of Satelite Imaging.

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