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Applications of Biotechnology

This free online course on Alison takes you through the role of biotechnology in agriculture and animal breeding.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online biotechnology application training course provides a comprehensive knowledge of different approaches by which genetic engineering can potentially improve, modify, and develop society. Learn about some important techniques employed while using genetic engineering to boost agriculture, medical science, and biological science and learn about the production of a monoclonal antibody. These are great skills, so get started today!
Applications of Biotechnology
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Biotechnology Applications is a free online training course that begins with an introduction to how genetic engineering and biotechnology can be utilized as tools in improving agricultural practices. You will learn about the process by which biotechnology aids insect control, and herbicide control while promoting disease-free plants. You will be introduced to the concept of plant-tissue cultures. Biotechnology has created a lot of concepts that have made many agricultural practices seamless and productive. Therefore, the importance of these concepts will be made clear.

The course then explains the role of biotechnology in animal sciences as well as the impact of genetic engineering in animal breeding. You will learn about techniques such as artificial insemination, embryo transfer, vaccines, and gene therapy. You will also gain an understanding of the production of therapeutically important proteins and the milestones of genetic engineering in animal science over the years. 

Furthermore, you will learn about the production of monoclonal antibodies which is used in adjuvant therapy to eliminate infectious agents or toxic substances. Finally, you will learn about the role of biotechnology in pisciculture. This course will be of interest to students, researchers, and anyone with an interest in the field of genetics. So, register for this course and start your next learning journey today.

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