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Advanced Physics 2

Learn more about motion, energy, and gravity as well as Newton's law, Kepler's law, and Hooke's law, with this course.

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This free online physics course will give you an overview of different concepts of physics that relate to motion such as acceleration, mass, kinetic energy, and elastic objects. You will learn how to solve problems involving process and acceleration and study stress, strain, strength, and stiffness. In addition, you will learn about the different types of deformation, force, apparent weight, mass, gravitational force, and more.
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Motion is the act of changing location or position. This course will first discuss the normal reaction, force, and acceleration relative to motion. It will also cover collisions, constant and vertical circular motion, and centripetal force. You will then study projectile motion with and without air resistance, momentum, impulse, force, and time. You will also look into kinetic, elastic and potential energies, and the conservation of energy. You will also study Kepler's law and review circular and elliptical orbits, and the velocity of satellites.

Gravity has been defined as the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. This course will give you an overview of gravity. You will study weightlessness, apparent weight, and how to calculate the apparent weight. You will look into Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation and energy transfers in space including their graphical representation. This course will also cover Hooke's law, the wave-like nature of light, the photoelectric effect, the Emission and absorption spectra, and electric fields and the electron.

Physics plays a hugely important role in science. When you take this course, you will be able to look deeply into Newton's law, Kepler's law, and Hooke's law as well as understand the different types of forces such as gravitational force, normal force, friction force, and net force. You will also learn about the center of mass, the weight of an object, and more! So, check out this course today and learn more about the fascinating subject of physics.

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Motion: Formulae for calculating motion in one and two dimensions

Motion: Constant and vertical circular motion

Electric fields and the electron

Emission and absorption spectra

Energy transfers in space

Motion: Force and acceleration

Gravity: Weightlessness

Hooke's Law

Introduction to gravity


Motion: Normal reaction

Motion: Collisions

Motion: Work energy and power

Motion: Momentum and impulse

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

Motion: Orbits

Motion: Projectile motion


The photoelectric effect

The wave like nature of light


Learning Outcomes

After completing this course you will be able to: - Discuss understand motion and forces, Newton's Law, friction, air resistance, collisions, orbits and many more important aspects; - Demonstrate a good knowledge of gravity, including calculating weight and acceleration; - Describe energy transfers in space, torque, static equilibrium, structures, materials, Hooke's Law and its limitations, the photoelectric effect, different metals, electric fields and the electron; - and demonstrate an understanding of motion, light and materials.


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