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Advanced Chemistry  2

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Advanced Chemistry  2
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  • This course in Advanced Chemistry 2 looks at elements, electrochemistry and food chemistry among other topics. It is an ideal course to engage students and help them grapple with the subject matter in an interactive and self-paced manner. It is particularly suitable for any student of chemistry at second level, or anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and understanding of the world of chemistry.

  • After completing this course you will know about the different elements of chemistry. You will have a good understanding of the periodic table. You will be more aware of electron arrangements. It will help you understand the history and development of atomic theory. You will gain a knowledge of electrons, isotropes, relative atomic mass, nuclear fission, thermochemical equations, electrochemistry and much more. This course will help you to easily understand the nitrogen cycle, digestion, carbohydrates, proteins, food components, glycogen and many other food important food concepts.

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