Advanced Algebraic Concepts and Applications in Mathematics

Gain a clear understanding of key concepts, techniques, and theorems through this advanced algebra course.

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This free online mathematics course covers advanced algebraic concepts and applications, including linear equations, inequalities, functions, exponential, sequences, series, probability, and trigonometry. Math often seems complicated, but the right course can make it simple. This free online course will teach you about advanced algebraic concepts and their applications in simple and easy to understand language and examples.
Advanced Algebraic Concepts and Applications in Mathematics
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This course is divided into 13 modules, and each module is divided into lessons with theories, examples, and video presentations for a clear study experience. Upon completion of this advanced linear algebra course, you will be able to simplify expressions and inequalities, and represent functions and linear equations on a graph. You will also be able to calculate equations with two or three variables, and will know how to operate with matrices and simplify polynomials and radical expressions.

In this course, you will also learn how to plot a quadratic function on a graph, solve conic sections, polynomial functions, rational expressions, and exponential and logarithmic functions. Solving geometric sequences and series, as well as the use of Binomial Theorem, are also part of the course outline. You will fully grasp the concepts of permutations, combinations, probabilities, and the trigonometric functions of angles, sines, cosines, and circular and inverse functions.

Learning algebra develops critical thinking skills, logic, patterns, and deductive and inductive reasoning. These are great skills not only for science and math but also for our daily activities. This advanced algebra course makes learning these topics simple and includes video explanations for effective and easy to follow learning. So, check out the course now, and gain a clearer understanding of algebra in no time at all, for free.


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