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Acoustics: Materials and Signal Analysis

Learn about physical sound waves, their representation, amplitude, frequency and acoustic materials for noise control.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online sound wave and acoustic materials course introduces you to the methods of control and influence of environmental noise. This course will teach you about acoustic fundamentals, design principles of acoustic materials as well as conventional acoustic materials. It will also teach you the principles of noise control and sound wave analysis. This is valuable knowledge with practical applications in the working world.
Acoustics: Materials and Signal Analysis
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This free online course on Acoustic Materials and Signal Analysis introduces you to the study of acoustic principles and the applications of it to help control sound and noise.The study of electromagnetic waves and acoustic waves date back centuries. In this regard, acoustic materials, which are materials that are designed to manipulate soundwaves, are of prime importance.

This course is designed to introduce you to the concept of acoustic materials and how man-made materials and acoustic metamaterials can manipulate soundwaves beyond the defined limits of those found in nature. Next, you will learn the fundamentals of sound signal analysis and how this relates to Decibel scales and tone. Finally, the course covers areas in acoustic fundamentals, and introduces you to design principles of noise control and signal analysis. Octave and One-third Octave bands, combining sound pressures and calculating A-weightings are also covered.

By studying this course, you will have a distinct advantage in understanding these latest materials and how they can be applied in day to day life.

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